Self-Determination Is The Highest Expression Of Democracy



“COVID-92” by: Ikemba Bomani-Ojore

Times are precarious under the laws of a nefarious regime developing perilous schemes to wipe out the population,  and through the propagation of propaganda,  they incite provocation through misinformation and slander,  as we meander through life, with no purpose or destination,  the ruling class are planning our perpetual enslavement,  how easy it is to control


Daunte Wright and the Fight to Come: a report from InPDUM Minneapolis member, Jamaal Abegaz

ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON April 11, 2021, an African couple, mother and father were stopped by Brooklyn Center Police in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, U.S.A. allegedly for an expired registration. The driver’s name was Daunte Wright. The pig (police) Kim Potter, the president of her police union, shortly thereafter assassinated Daunte Wright. Daunte was 20 years old


DMX was the Voice of the Oppressed Black Community

“When the album came out, he had a legendary show at the Apollo. He tore that shit down, ended with “Prayer” and started crying. And when he closed with the lines “so if it takes for me to suffer for my brother to see the light, give me pain till I die, but please, Lord,


Prisons and Police: A Colonial Issue

By: Yaasante Often when people discuss police and prisons, they are referred to as examples of institutionalized racism. How accurately does this coinage by Kwame Ture portray these elements of modern society? Similar language is used in  Are Prisons Obsolete, where Angela Davis refers to slavery, lynching, and segregation as “historical expressions of racism” (pg.25).


As schools reopen, African parents demand Black Community Control of Schools

Dr. Matsemela Odom Vice President, InPDUM On August 3, Donald Trump called by tweet once again for the reopening of schools, downplaying the rising COVID-19 numbers in the U.S. Trump’s lackey, Florida governor Ron DeSantis is committed to reopening Florida public schools, despite resistance from parents, teachers and staff. It’s already been known that COVID-19


New Playstation and Xbox Release, Africans Demand Self-Determination in Gaming

Dr. Matsemela Odom Vice President, InPDUM Two multinational conglomerate corporations, Sony and Microsoft, announced the release of their new gaming consoles. The official release dates were in November but millions of units were presold. Respectively titled the Playstation 5 (or PS5 for short) and the Xbox Series X, the prices of these new consoles range


Killer Mike and T.I. laud Atlanta’s African petty bourgeoisie—we need more African Internationalist emcees

Dr. Matsemela Odom Vice President, InPDUM On May 29, Atlanta rappers T.I. and Killer Mike held a press conference alongside Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and Atlanta’s head cop Erika Shields in an about-face from the progressive positions they had previously taken on uprisings. T.I. had penned multiple songs against police brutality in recent years.


California wildfires are the result of parasitic capitalism; fight them with black power

By: Dr. Matsemela Odom The regular wildfires that have appeared in California and other western states, for the past three decades, are a symbol of the crisis of imperialism—the uneasy equilibrium, as Chairman Omali Yeshitela has defined it. According to the statistics on the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CalFire) website, there have


100 Years Later, its Still Red, Black and Green!

FORWARD TO THE 2020 INPDUM CONVENTION! African People! Black People! Now, more than ever, we need to fight back and get organized to seize power. This is a call to attend the 2020 International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (INPDUM) “Build The African Nation:100 Years Later, it’s Still Red Black and Green” Convention on September 11-13.