Self-Determination Is The Highest Expression Of Democracy

August 2021 - InPDUM


Justice for Alvin ‘Boo’ Motley! Turn the volume up on Black Power! Justice and self-determination for the entire African community!

Memphis, TN – On Saturday, August 7, 2021, at about 7pm, Alvin ‘Boo’ Motley was shot dead by a white security guard.  ‘Boo’ was asked to turn down the volume of his music by the white security guard. Boo said: “Let’s talk like men.” Boo was shot dead. ‘Boo’ was a loving entertainer who loved


All Around the World, Africans Need to be Free. InPDUM Branch Leaders Call On You to Attend the 2021 InPDUM Convention

SOUTH PHILLY NEEDS POWER IN ITS OWN HANDS The  oppression of the African African community of Philly has only gotten more intense in recent years as more casinos have been built throughout the state of Pennsylvania.  In 2015 Pennsylvania was dubbed the 2nd largest casino hub in the nation. There are 14 casinos in Pennsylvania