Self-Determination Is The Highest Expression Of Democracy


Founded in 1991 by the African People’s Socialist Party, InPDUM is the leading organization in the struggle for Bread, Peace and Black Power in the 21st Century.

For the last 22 years InPDUM has fought courageously for the African community. We have fought for community control of education while protesting the budget cuts and school closures in our communities.

We have fought for justice for African victims of police brutality such as Sean Bell, Oscar Grant and Oury Jalloh who was burned to death in a police precinct in Germany. We have defended the right for African people to resist colonial oppression, as we did when Lovelle Mixon killed four cops in Oakland, CA in 2009.

It was InPDUM who led the defense of the heroic African youth in London, UK after they set the city ablaze in response to the police murder of Mark Duggan there.

Now located in three continents around the world, INPDUM has always demanded reparations, state power and self government for African people worldwide!  InPDUM knows that the politicians in city hall and the white house will never fight for Black Power to the African community. InPDUM knows that it takes revolutionary organization to protect and defend our own, wherever we may be, whoever we may be.