Self-Determination Is The Highest Expression Of Democracy

Justice for Alvin ‘Boo’ Motley! Turn the volume up on Black Power! Justice and self-determination for the entire African community! - InPDUM

Memphis, TN – On Saturday, August 7, 2021, at about 7pm,

Alvin ‘Boo’ Motley was shot dead by a white security guard. 

‘Boo’ was asked to turn down the volume of his music by the white security guard.

Boo said: “Let’s talk like men.”

Boo was shot dead.

‘Boo’ was a loving entertainer who loved his family. 

He was traveling from his home in Chicago to Memphis for a business trip and to see family and friends. 

“This man took the love of my life away from me. You didn’t give me no chance to have a future with my husband that I was about to marry in two months,” said Rolanda Johnson, Motley’s fiancé.

The murderer, white security guard Gregory Livingston acted in line with what the entire social system does to Black people all over the world. 

He didn’t want Boo making a sound for himself.  He didn’t want Boo to gain power to control the situation in any way.

We will not be silenced. The struggle is on!

We want more than democratic rights under colonial white power – we want the power ourselves

The murder of Fred Hampton in Chicago on December 4, 1969 marked an end to the Black Power Movement of the 1960s.

The Uhuru Movement survives to forward the struggle for Bread, Peace and Black Power.

Black people will determine the police in our own neighborhoods. We call for Black Community Control of the Police! There will be no police or security guards that the Black community has not chosen for itself, and they will behave exactly how we determine them to.

Black tribunals and juries – Black people can examine the evidence and determine for ourselves what justice will look like. In January 2015, InPDUM led the formation of the Black People’s Grand Jury – our own court to convict cop Darren Wilson for the murder of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

In 1991, InPDUM was created as an organization of the African People’s Socialist Party. It is a primary instrument for bringing Africans back into independent political life under the leadership of the African working class.

In the state of Florida, InPDUM has led struggles against the military occupation of our communities by police. The organization has been involved in every form of political struggle in defense of our people in the wake of blatant police murders that have led to mass uprisings by African workers who have learned through experience that the colonial court system cannot be relied on to protect the interests of African people.

In California and New York; in Texas and Alabama – indeed, throughout the entire U.S. – InPDUM has been an invaluable participant and leader in advancing the struggle of our people. InPDUM’s existence as an organization of the African People’s Socialist Party has meant that in almost every instance each struggle we have been engaged in has forwarded the overall struggle of Africans for total liberation in the U.S. and liberation and unification for Africa and African people worldwide.

Raise high in revolutionary manner Alvin ‘Boo’ Motley. Support Black political independence. Build for Black Community Control of the Police. Turn the volume up on Black Power, self-determination for the African Community.

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