Self-Determination Is The Highest Expression Of Democracy

February 2020 - InPDUM


Freedom’s Cry: The Need for Duel and Contending Power in Videogaming

By: Matsemela Odom, InPDUM San Diego A comrade once said African internationalism can be used to explain everything “including this straw.”  If African Internationalism could be used to explain the colonial-capitalist production of straws in relation to the African Working Class, it can surely be used to explain the video game industry.   This article is


California University Attempts to Ban African Free Speech

by: InPDUM San Diego African students at San Diego State University have been organizing a conference on reparations.  San Diego State University is a public university in Southern California, twenty minutes from the Mexico border. Energized by the international discussion on reparations, these students proposed a wide variety of guest speakers including Ava Muhammad of