Self-Determination Is The Highest Expression Of Democracy

"COVID-92" by: Ikemba Bomani-Ojore - InPDUM

Times are precarious under the laws of a nefarious regime

developing perilous schemes to wipe out the population, 

and through the propagation of propaganda, 

they incite provocation through misinformation and slander, 

as we meander through life, with no purpose or destination,

 the ruling class are planning our perpetual enslavement, 

how easy it is to control a nation by creating a threat, 

and the willingness of the oppressed to acquiesce to the whims of the devil is illogical

whether militarily or biological, 

they move methodical in their plan for global domination, 

a lot of talk about Black nationalism but no implementation, 

while millions of Africans are subjected to the victimization of white power, 

this is why power is imperative, 

we have a strong African heritage that built civilizations and pyramids, 

and a myriad of monuments, it’s monumental,

 the things I say over an instrumental,

 it’s instrumental the way I connect with the sentimental,

 the flow is transcendental, 

spitting holy water, I’m a holy warrior, giving hell to the sinful, 

this is heavenly for my kinfolk, this for Africa’s sons and daughters, 

navigating through turbulent waters like the Moorish,

 Imma stay lit like torches, 

and burn those who try to draw a bridge to my fortress,

I was born for this, exactly on the same date that Malcolm X was buried, 

on a cold day in February, you are morally obligated to end your oppression by any means necessary, that’s what he taught us, 

so I’m going to ride, regardless of the situation 

if it’s in the interest of the African nation, 

this is COVID-19, attacking like a war machine, 

it was foreseen, this album came to me in a dream

I wrote this verse while in quarantine…

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