Self-Determination Is The Highest Expression Of Democracy

"African Internationalism" by: Langston Peace aka Ausar Brillz - InPDUM

Lamumba and Nkrumah
Saw black men and women
Claim Pan African to gain status and riches
Appeased the ruling class but kept the masses from winning
Sent troop attacks like MOVE, Iraq
Or distract through religion
Realized the last front and tactic division
By white power hidden behind black symbolism
We turned a radical vision
Into a practical mission
That begins with African Internationalism

We clear what factual is
And factual isnt
System breaks up families impedes
Marital living
Under stress collapse
The capital missing
Cant depend on scratch n win
Or the trap to get chicken
You either trapped in the hood
Or trapped in the prison
No farming space
economic base
Or taxable engine
Unite n skate
To our birthright status thats given
When we control our mother land
Exact with precision   
If he black and
And committed to capitalism
His politics and common sense ain’t compatible diss him
IMF Vatican Tri-Lateral Commission
Have to bend to African Internationalism

Don’t let me tackle tradition
its been a hassle and friction
ever since they came out they castle with papal permission
To invade fresh out the caves   
chattel intentions
To enslave, spread like the plague
They preyed, check the Crusade
Taino in the grave
Ibo in the cage
Filled wit rage we been brave with masterful wisdom
Savage men ravage limbs
Held in shackles and whippings
Hung in the shadows from lynchin
Crabs in the barrel was snitchin
To keep us fragile submissive
Working mad We persist
Workin class leadership
Sharp as a scapal incision
Dont care what classical is
Or classical isn’t
We have to win through African internationalism!

For applicants this path presents
A natural position
Not arrogant but passionate
In our narrative listen
Spears burn through the darkness
Our narrative written
To pierce the heart swift rock shit combat full submission
We appreciate the Chairman his tactical prism
Shines light through African Internationalism

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