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InPDUM invites you to the Garment Factory Naming Contest! - InPDUM

Garment Factory Naming Contest!

Enter Today Before It’s Too Late!

Black Star Industries is excited to announce plans to build our first major economic institutionin Occupied Azania (South Africa)—a Garment Factory, which is slated to open in the Vaal, Gauteng in 2022/2023.

We will design, manufacture and sell our own revolutionary garments and fabrics internationally.

All entries must be emailed to:

or whatsApped to:(+27) 646 851 229

Deadline for entries is Saturday, June19, 2021.

We want to give $50/R700for the overall name of the garment factory and $50 for the tagline/slogan, a total of $100/R1400


  1. The Contest is open to African/Black people as long as rules are followed.
  2. BSI reserves the right to disregard/revoke any submission.
  3. You can submit as many names as you wish.
  4. BSI reserves the right to shorten or extend the submission time frame.
  5. All Entries will be automatically registered in a database and acknowledged immediately after entry.

Click HERE to View all Details of the Contest!

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