Self-Determination Is The Highest Expression Of Democracy

January 2021 - InPDUM


New Playstation and Xbox Release, Africans Demand Self-Determination in Gaming

Dr. Matsemela Odom Vice President, InPDUM Two multinational conglomerate corporations, Sony and Microsoft, announced the release of their new gaming consoles. The official release dates were in November but millions of units were presold. Respectively titled the Playstation 5 (or PS5 for short) and the Xbox Series X, the prices of these new consoles range


Killer Mike and T.I. laud Atlanta’s African petty bourgeoisie—we need more African Internationalist emcees

Dr. Matsemela Odom Vice President, InPDUM On May 29, Atlanta rappers T.I. and Killer Mike held a press conference alongside Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and Atlanta’s head cop Erika Shields in an about-face from the progressive positions they had previously taken on uprisings. T.I. had penned multiple songs against police brutality in recent years.