Self-Determination Is The Highest Expression Of Democracy

September 2022 - InPDUM


Defending the African Community! We are our own liberators! | Hands Off Uhuru!

From Friday September 2nd through Sunday September 4th, 2022, the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement held its 30th annual convention in St. Louis, Missouri.   The theme of the convention was Defending the Black Community! We Are Our Own Liberators!  The theme for the 2022 InPDUM Convention had historical and immediate importance to the liberation of


Watch an InPDUM South Africa Hands Off Uhuru! Hands Off Africa! “Anti-FBI Cypher”

Dr. Matsemela Odom, InPDUM PresidentComrades General Nobody, Thanos and K-Beast from Occupied Azana recently participated in this cypher. In hip-hop a cypher is defined as: “a gathering of rappers, beatboxers, and/or breakers in a circle, extemporaneously making music together.” In this cypher you can witness the fusion of hip-hop and African Internationalism. Hip-Hop was formed


Get on the Bus! Join INPDUM at the 14th Annual Black People’s March on the White House!

The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement is organizing with the Black is Back Coalition to mobilize for the upcoming Black People’s March on the White House. Join InPDUM and our Get on the Bus Campaign. Contact us on Facebook at @inpdum, on Instagram at @_inpdum, twitter @inpdum or through email at to join the