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Askia Toure, Revolutionary Cultural Worker

Poet, essayist, artist, editor and new member of InPDUM, Askia Toure hosted a reading of his recent works in Boston, Ma. During this event, comrade Askia was, metaphorically and literally, given his flowers and saluted for his decades long commitment to the promotion of revolutionary culture. 

A prolific writer, comrade Askia served on the editorial board of Black America, the news organ of the Philadelphia-based Revolutionary Action Movement (RAM). He served on the staff of Liberator Magazine, was the associate editor for Black Dialogue and editor for the Black Star Newspaper. Immediately after the assassination of Malcolm X, he would partner with another well known participant in the 60’s Black Arts Movement, Larry Neal, to found the Afro World newspaper. The first issue was published just a week after Malcolm X’s murder. He is, however, best known as one of the architects of the Black Arts Movement alongside the likes of Sonia Sanchez, James Baldwin and Amiri Baraka. One of his most widely celebrated works, Dawnsong! The Epic Memory of Askia Toure, is currently available everywhere books are sold.

African People’s Socialist Party Saluted at 2021  inPUBLIC Festival 

The 2021 inPUBLIC Festival was held in Boston, Ma. the weekend of November 5th- 7th. Boston-based artists of various art forms were asked to participate. Comrade Dexter Mlimwengu was requested to submit his photography.  

All participating artists were asked to answer the question “what are you tending to?” with their art displays. Dexter answered “I’m tending to myself, but the only way I can truly tend to myself and better my own living conditions Is through bettering the living conditions of my entire people so I decided to feature my work featuring Chairman Omali Yeshitela and leaders of the African People’s Socialist Party USA and International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement. These are the soldiers on the ground fighting tirelessly to elevate the living conditions of our entire people”. 

Vibrant images of Chairman Omali Yeshitela, President Kalambayi Andenet, Director Akile Anai and our late comrade Musa Abantu were displayed on the large “downtown steps” in the heart of downtown crossing.   Attached were brief backgrounds on the comrades featured to add further context to the images. Onlookers were captivated with the display with one viewer, notably, being brought to tears. Many were inspired to leave and do further research on Chairman Omali Yeshitela and the Uhuru Movement. 

Tiger in Junglescape/ Roar

by: Askia Toure

InPDUM member based in Boston, Ma.

The tiger waits, and heals, in cool, jungle glades,

aware that wounds abound in a gang/ claw Universe. Aware that time, once his friend, has become a bold adversary; gaining strength, while his dynamic vitality is waning. The tiger waits: golden, glowing eyes hypnotic and mysterious, predatory, furious when crushing difficult prey.  A primordial being, raw with courage, savage charisma: as though God spoke fluently with striped pelt and glistening fangs, an earthquake roar announcing wild divinity. This monarch among carnivores, this champion of death, hunting endless possibilities in his grand junglescape, awaits his final breath. 

Yet even in death’a grip, he’ll not go quietly, but grapple that pale stranger invading his green realm, as would any ruler magnificent, and proud. 

The tiger is a tribune to our joy.


By: Yaasante

InPDUM member based in Spanish Town, Jamaica 

Never do they use colonialism 

To describe our condition 

Never do they say genocide 

A glaring omission 

They call it racism 

So anti-racist capitalism

Becomes their one true mission


That doesn’t begin 

To describe our plight 

I went back to Africa 

Late last night

Chanting down Babylon 

With all my might 

Then I was a slave

Then I was a slave 

Chained to other slaves 

Urging a young boy

To cool down his fright 

I held his hand

Strong and firm 

Resistance was near

He would learn

 What to the slave 

Is a flying brick 

Hurled at a slaver’s skull 

So thick 

Hurled at his teeth 

Yellow and brittle 

If love is a tree 

Freedom is whittled 

Into an arrow 

A burning spear 

In through one side 

And out the other ear 

Of a slave master 

Who wouldn’t listen 

To the cries of black children 

In blood he would christen

That young boy is older now

He was shot in the dark 

While his pocket held skittles 

He was left on the asphalt

While his skin burned and sizzled 

He was killed in the park 

For having a toy gun 

He was suffocated by the knee 

Of a colonizer having fun 

From then till now 

One thing remains true 

The thoughts in their heads 

Could never hurt you 

It was power in their hands 

Not lack of virtues 

That made black death 

A fact that would urge you 

To post black tiles

And sing black songs 

And use black hashtags 

In a fight that can’t be won 

By spontaneous struggle 

Tailing tragic events 

With an ideology that’s muddled 

And no form of defense 

Pick a bigger weapon

By now we should learn 

Freedom won’t be given 

It is something that is earned

Keep the Spear Burning!

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