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March for Reparations to African People. This is more than an event. It is a call to action. - InPDUM

On October 16th, 2021 the Uhuru Solidarity Movement will be taking to the streets to march in solidarity with the demand for reparations to African people for centuries of mass incarceration, police murders, brutal oppression and colonial terror.

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement (USM) is the mass organization of the African People’s Solidarity Committee- an organization of white people created and led by the African People’s Socialist Party to build solidarity with reparations and liberation for African people in our own white communities.

The March for Reparations is part of a decades-long campaign calling on white people to go beyond protest and get organized under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP).

Based on APSP & Uhuru Movement founder Chairman Omali Yeshitela’s theory of African Internationalism, the economic system of capitalism that defines the world today was built on the assault of Africa, the ravaging of their resources and the stealing, trading and selling of African human beings.

Marching for reparations to African people means returning the stolen resources being hoarded in our white community, turning our backs on our white ruling class and working under the leadership of the African working class to overturn white domination of African and colonized peoples.

Join us on Saturday 10/16 as we rally in Clark Park, march along with other cities around the country, and raise reparations for the black working class! This will take place at the Uhuru Flea Market in Clark Park which is an economic institution of the APSP. There will be over 50 vendors with music, fun and Black Power!

Unity through Reparations!

Click Here to register for the march happening in your city today!

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