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100 Years Later, its Still Red, Black and Green! - InPDUM


African People! Black People! Now, more than ever, we need to fight back and get organized to seize power. This is a call to attend the 2020 International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (INPDUM) “Build The African Nation:100 Years Later, it’s Still Red Black and Green” Convention on September 11-13.

The time is now, sisters and brothers, to fight for black power! The time is now for global unity, organization and power over our lives. We’ve seen Africans in Minneapolis and thousands of cities across the globe resist our oppressors. Historically, our people have risen up time and time again and taken to the streets -fighting, tooth and nail, against a system that has brought nothing but death and misery to our people for over 600 years. We’ve burned and seized police precincts, taken symbols of colonialism down and led marches demanding JAIL THE KILLER COPS, NOW!

As a people, we are at a crossroad. If we want power over our lives, we are going to have to take it because the fact of the matter is black lives have never mattered to the colonizer. They didn’t matter when they put us in the hulls of slave ships. When they beat, hung and burned us alive. When our mothers had to ignore their own babies in order to care for the slavemaster’s babies. Our lives didn’t matter on July 4th, 1776. They didn’t matter when they flooded heroin into our communities and called us criminals or when they threw our family members in prison for life. They have never mattered to the colonizer and they don’t matter now. That is why we must fight for black power!

This convention will be historic and we invite you to take part in it. The 2020 InPDUM convention is themed “Build The African Nation:One Hundred Years Later, It’s Still Red, Black and Green,” to commemorate the glorious 1920 Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) Convention led by Marcus Mosiah Garvey and to create the necessary organization capable of seizing real power in the hands of the African working class.

When we have the power, we will be able to determine our fate. When we have the power, we will be able to provide for all members of our community. When we have the power, everyone will be buying Black Power! When we have the power, we will be able to deliver consequences when the pigs and white vigilantes come after our family members. Our motto in INPDUM is TOUCH ONE! TOUCH ALL!

The time is now to FIGHT FOR BLACK POWER! Imperialist capitalism is on its deathbed. The u.s government has money to bomb people who look like us, put pigs in our communities and bail out the banks but can’t seem to find a way to pay reparations to African people for 600 years of genocide, torture and oppression! We are at a crossroad in our 600 year history and that is why this convention is so important! Once we are organized, we will no longer be the objects of history. Once we are organized, we will be the subjects of history — the history of the African working class and the African Nation!

Let’s not get it twisted. The colonizers want us to give up total liberation in exchange for a kinder colonizer, more capitalist integration, some brand new shoes and to be liked by white people. This tired, rotten, social system is trying to silence our righteous rebellion for true freedom with meager stimulus checks, corporate america doling out thousands of dollars to the petty bourgeoisie and “black lives matter” painted on thousands of streets. 

The purpose of this convention is to make sure that the fight for black power and self-government prevails. That is why we are calling on you to come to the InPDUM International Convention in September. 

The magnificent UNIA Convention brought together African people from around the world who were fed up with the wretchedness of their lives under colonial domination and understood that self-determination was the only way forward to ensure a future for African people. In the year of perfect vision, the same dilemma is before us again and our fate cannot be decided by the colonizer anymore. There is no going back. The fate of the African working class is in our hands!

Our 2020 International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement Convention, to build the African Nation is the necessary next step for complete and total liberation. We are the 21st century Garveyites who must build the movement that Garvey inspired and bring about a liberating transfer-of-power but we need YOU! We are one people and we are our own liberators. We can win if we are ready to unite internationally and destroy all colonial borders. The colonizer nations will have no choice but to tremble and retreat with a united African people under One Nation. 

Let’s get truly organized for power! The InPDUM 2020 Convention is for YOU and you can watch it from where you are located!

Chairman Omali Yeshitela, the founder of the Uhuru Movement, along with Kalambayi Andenet, the International President of INPDUM, will be the main speakers.

We will have powerful panel discussions, workshops and presentations covering topics such as how to build the InPDUM in your area, build working groups and neighborhood councils to fight gentrification, colonial education and violence, demand reparations from the u.s. and all european countries, reclaim the revolutionary character of the black liberation struggle and be able to answer the questions “to what end?” and “what does real black liberation look like?”

Forward to the 2020 InPDUM Convention!

Build The African Nation:One Hundred Years Later, It’s Still Red, Black and Green!

All roads lead to Uhuru. Let’s get free!

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