Self-Determination Is The Highest Expression Of Democracy

"African" by: Yaasante - InPDUM

I don't care what anyone says
Im African

Look at my skin
Look at my hair
Look at my nose
Listen to my voice
Those inflections aren't French
Those nostrils aren't English
This hair isn't Taino
This skin isn't white
This skin is black!

This skin formed melanin
Under the same sun
That beat my ancestors' backs
in the cane fields

My mind was educated 
On the same land
Where we were enslaved

So you can't tell me
That I'm something new 
I am an African woman
First and foremost

They haven't made me into anything else
By kidnapping me
By enslaving me
By impoverishing me
By making me fight for
what is rightfully mine

My lineage
Lies in the motherland
Not on a slave ship

I was African then
I am African now
I'll be African tomorrow

I will give birth to
African children

We will know freedom in our lifetime

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