Self-Determination Is The Highest Expression Of Democracy

Now is the Time for Collective Freedom - InPDUM

By: Muambi Tangu

International Membership Coordinator, InPDUM

I woke up feeling good.

Building socialism.
Socialism is replacing capitalism- socialism in the hands of the African working class.

The majority of humanity works to be on the correct side of history. The majority of humanity is colonized, oppressed, exploited. Some of us call it the new world order or the devil. I have learned to call parasitic capitalism. The very food we eat, the homes we live in, even our relationships are tainted and corrupted by the nature of the current economic-political-social system we exist in. While there are pockets of good humanity capitalism generates constant division through competition – competition for resources and power.

Comrades, brothers, and sisters now is the time for collective freedom. Unity. It is time to embrace trust and community support guided by revolutionary socialist leadership. The revolutionary socialist leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party. An international leadership that speaks to all of humanity. Every man, woman and child has a place in the revolutionary process.

We are shedding our capitalist American greed. We are abandoning the violent violating pillaging imperialist manufactured “white” culture and adopting a communal unifying caring compassionate powerful indigenous/African global way of life that depends on honesty and openness rather than deceit, malice and fear.

We are ready to move past our individualistic wants and conceive a world where the least of us is the most cherished life among us. Follow and lead through African Internationalism and our humanity and planet will be greater than any time of past.

I am committed. Committed to your families. Committed to build our world without anguish or fear. I am committed to fight through the dark clouds of confusion and the rains of sorrow so that we see our bright future built in love with revolutionary fervor.

Strong and steady. Inhale and exhale. Uhuru in this lifetime. Uhuru.

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