Self-Determination Is The Highest Expression Of Democracy

President Kalambayi: "No Surrender! No Compromise!" - InPDUM

“I live amongst the people, I eat with the people, I see the conditions of my people and simply fighting for reform will not change these conditions”.


(Excerpt from Kalambayi Andenet’s speech at the Black is Back 10th Anniversary event August 10th-11th 2019 in St. Louis, Mo.)


President Kalambayi Andenet speaks on the Flint water crisis, Mike Brown, the parasitic gentrification of the black community and the ongoing genocide against black people internationally. Without a doubt, the ONLY solution is genuine political and economic power in the black community. The ONLY way we can combat the genocide waged on our people is through the development of genuine black POWER in our communities. Build for black power and Join InPDUM TODAY at Register for our 2019 InPDUM convention at!! Africans and other colonized masses all over the world are getting involved in political life in largest numbers since the 1960s while it is evident that white power can no longer contain a world divided by colonial powers and the powerless colonized. Parasitic capitalism is falling apart at its seams and is in crisis everywhere on earth. From the shanty towns of South Africa to the Favelas of Brazil, from the ghettos of the united states to the garrisons of Jamaica there is constant crisis due to the resistance of African and colonized masses around the world. This year, from September 13 – 15 the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement is having our 2019 Convention in St. Louis, MO to let the world know that there is an organization and a vehicle to obtain self determination and facilitate the death of imperialism. Our Convention is themed: The Struggle Is Real. This Is Genocide! Real Life. Real Solutions. Real Science. Real Revolution. The focus of this InPDUM convention is to expose the ways that Africans are facing genocide at the hands of colonial powers and how the solution is building an organization for self determination and the demand for reparations.

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