Self-Determination Is The Highest Expression Of Democracy


By: Abena Abdallah

Our children are not safe. As colonized children, they are vulnerable to all manner of disrespect, harassment, violence and denial of their basic rights. This reality does not change once they enter school. In fact, many of our children have experienced the most dehumanizing treatment from the individuals tasked with educating our children. Two young African boys received this very treatment in San Diego’s Valencia Park Elementary School. The African community has made it clear that they will not stand for this and Abena Abdallah, a local organizer on the ground in San Diego and new InPDUM member, submitted her report to African Resistance Now:




“The black community of San Diego is gathering around the mothers of two young African boys persecuted by Valencia Park Elementary School and offering them any support they need. After being seen with play money, these two young boys were harassed by school staff and reported to the principal. They were completely unprepared for the ambush that awaited them. They were dragged into the office already afraid; the two youth were confronted by the principal who viewed them as criminals with counterfeit money and the San Diego police were called. 


The boys were intimidated, accused, and interrogated by the police. To what logical mind does this sound right and just? Maybe in the mind of the state with an agenda. This traumatic experience has permanently impacted the mental and emotional health of these two African youth. It is important to look at the offense that has taken place but it is more important to look at why this incident has happened and is continuing to happen. I’ll put it plainly- a teacher who doesn’t support our culture and our social/ economic fight has no right in our community teaching and shaping the minds of our youth. Those who look at our African youth through a criminalistic lens instead of through the lens of a loved one of our village does not belong in our schools! We can imagine the type of permanent emotional and psychological effects this offensive act has caused because it occurs constantly everywhere, we live. Immediate reparations for this unlawful blatant occurrence of hatred must be paid to the families for the unnecessary witch hunt of these youth. We must demand Black Community Control of Schools in Southeast San Diego and everywhere Africans exist. Beta Selam is a school built by working class Africans for African children in Southeast San Diego. Beta Selam teaches African children about self-determination and liberation.


The parent of the youth harassed by Valencia Park principal and San Diego police, Jamie Wilson, said powerfully “We need control of our schools and the community needs to be a part of the hiring process.”  Ms. Wilson makes her dissatisfaction apparent saying, “There should be a public record log that tells how many times the police were called…for who…why…and the outcome of the situation so we know what kind of school we’re dealing with”.There is no time to waste being nice or appropriate while they fight dirty to destroy our youth and their futures.We demand full control of our schools  We must remove whatever is blinding us to the truth. Our schools have been underfunded, disenfranchised and just plain closed down in the black communities. No! We have no questions, we have no requests because the days of asking are over. We will take control of our children’s education. The time isn’t now family, the time was yesterday. Uhuru!”




The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) stands in unwavering defense of these children and condemns the unending torment our children are subjected to within the colonial school system. We understand that the only way to put an end to these attacks on our children is through establishing black community control of the schools. Point 51 on InPDUM’s Revolutionary National Democratic Platform states “we demand free, compulsory and comprehensive education for all Africans (black people) wherever we are located. Such an education program must equip Africans for independent, self-reliant prosperity in this technologically driven era, and is based on our true history as African people who bring the totality of our own legitimate culture and experiences to the educational process”. It is only right for the community to determine who teaches our children. It is only right for the school curriculum to be determined by the needs, interests and aspirations of the people and not those of this parasitic capitalistic system. Only through black community control of the schools will we be able to ensure the safety and well-being of our children in academic institutions which nurture the development of their genius, their creative ability and teaches skills necessary for the forward progression of our people and our nation.


Defend African Children!

Join InPDUM!

Demand Black Community Control of the Schools!

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