Self-Determination Is The Highest Expression Of Democracy


By: Jah-Sun Kine & Dexter Mlimwengu

 From September 13th to 15th, the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement is having our 2019 Convention in St. Louis, MO to let the world know of the movement on the ground to organize African (“black”) people and facilitate the death of the social system which has oppressed us for nearly 600 years. Our Convention is themed: The Struggle Is Real. Real science. Real Revolutionaries. Real Solutions. Real Black Power. The focus of this convention will be to expose the ways that Africans are facing genocide at the hands of colonial powers and how the only solution is building the organization for self-determination and the demand for reparations.


 The struggle is real

No one knows this better than Africans. Struggle has been a defining experience of African people for over 600 years. It is the ongoing and intensifying resistance of our people against a system that oppresses and exploits us. The struggle is the experience of life under this system and all the manifestations of this system which plague our communities. Struggle is such a staple of the history of our people that the phrase “the struggle is real” has become a commonly used saying by African people to describe, often jokingly, the various symbols of abject poverty in our communities- using humor to make slightly more endurable the brutal conditions experienced by our people.

The struggle is everywhere

The struggle is real and the struggle is everywhere. The struggle is on the corner, at
the welfare office, the crack house, the CPS office, the courtroom, the strip club; the struggle is everywhere Africans fight to live against the unlivable conditions imposed on us. The struggle is in African parents who are forced to sell everything from lemonade to loose cigarettes to food stamps to their own bodies in order to bring in resources for ourselves and our families. The struggle is in the Africans who are forced to participate in the illegal drug economy due to all other “legitimate” means of securing resources being denied the African community.


The struggle is in Africans who, at gunpoint, were shackled and reduced from human beings to commodities to be traded back and forth between European powers as seen fit. It is in Africans who have, for the past 600 years, had our homeland cut open and it’s lush natural resources claimed by European invaders- at gunpoint. It is in Africans who’ve been forced, at gunpoint, to build and support on our backs the opulent lifestyle enjoyed by the European nation while our own nation suffers under the weight. The struggle is in Africans who cannot envision a future for ourselves because we are too occupied with surviving today.


The struggle will succeed


No one knows better than Africans that the struggle is real and because it is real, our struggle for liberation has also been real. Our struggle for liberation has been ongoing and uninterrupted since the first European stepped foot onto Africa and exerted his will on our people. Throughout years of unspeakable terror waged on our people at the hands white power, Africans have never relented in our struggle. We have never given up because at the core of our struggle is our inextinguishable desire to be free. It is our undying will which has withstood every attempt by this system to stomp it out. Every time, we’ve persevered. We’ve been beat but we have not been beaten. Our struggle is 600 years strong and intensifying. It will not cease until it reaches its inevitable conclusion of true freedom, economic independence, political self-determination and control over our lives and our destiny.


All Africans must attend the 2019 InPDUM Convention


Africans and other colonized people all over the world are getting involved in political life in the largest numbers since the 1960s and it is evident that white power can no longer contain a world divided between colonial powers and the powerless colonized. Parasitic capitalism is falling apart at its seams and is in crisis everywhere on earth. From the shanty towns of South Africa to the Favelas of Brazil, from the ghettos of the united states to the garrisons of Jamaica there is constant crisis due to the resistance of African and colonized masses around the world. Africans have no intention of going another 600 years under the thumb of parasitic capitalism and this convention will serve as a crucial, organizing moment in the historical struggle of African people for bread, peace and black power over our black lives. Forward to the 2019 InPDUM convention!


Register TODAY at

Forward to the 2019 InPDUM Convention

September 13th-15th 2019

4101 W. Florissant ave.

St. Louis, Mo. 03115

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