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The black community is under attack: St. Louis Alderman calls for “tanks on every damn corner” - InPDUM

By: Dexter Mlimwengu

The black community of St. Louis is under attack. The 3rd Ward alderman Brandon Bosley has called for The National Guard to be brought in to “stop the crime” in our community. Bosley has called for quote: “Extra hands. Extra guns. Guns bigger than the ones on the street….  we’re going to have tanks on every damn corner. These people have to know we’re not playing anymore” These people of course are the members of the African community.


The African community has suffered under consistent denial of genuine economic development opportunities, consistent denial of access to decent healthcare and decent housing. The African community has suffered from a denial of access to resources which have forced many to engage in what would be considered “illegal” means of gaining resources. The African community has suffered from brutal, intensifying police terror and in response to the dire straits of the African community, conditions imposed upon the community by the government, the national guard are being called to invade the African community by the very same government. In response to the unlivable conditions in the black community, Alderman Bosley is calling for “tanks on every damn corner”.


THIS is criminal


Deploying the national guard to assist the existing police brutality waged on the African community is criminal. The treatment of the African community is criminal. The police are criminal. What can the police tell us about what is criminal and what is not? If the police knew what criminality was, they’d be slapping cuffs on their own wrists because it is the police who wreak havoc in the African community. It is the police who terrorize me, you, your mother, your father, and your children. It is the police who send a shiver down your spine just by pulling up next to you at the stoplight because you know that at any point in time, for any reason (or no reason at all) they can put a bullet in your head and say that you deserved it. For far too long, the African community has lived under the unrelenting terror of these gun-toting gangsters. In fact, the city of St. Louis has recently given the police a raise as reward for coming into our communities and terrorizing us. If the National guard is to be sent into our communities, they should have the police department surrounded and the chief should come out with his hands raised. These are the real gangsters. These are the thugs and criminals.


The Pig and politician have the same mission


The same can be said about these politicians who carry out the same violence in our communities. From the confines of city hall, far away from the African community, the aldermen are trying to reduce the number of wards from 28 to 14 to eliminate the black community’s ability to seize power in the local government. With a simple stroke of the pen, they moved to silence the voice of the black community in local elections in order to please the interests of big investors and violent gentrifiers who kick us out of our houses and onto the street with no options- and then call for “a tank on every damn corner”.

These are the conditions faced by African people. Our community is under attack everyday by these people so the only way that we can unite with this military force being deployed into St. Louis is on the basis that they’ll be getting the police department and politicians in check.

However, the African community doesn’t need the national guard. An increased military presence- as Bosley put it, “bigger guns”- will not resolve the issues faced by the black community.


Violence is the product, not the problem  


The problem faced by the African community isn’t violence. Violence is the product of the problem faced by the African community and that problem is colonialism. Africans in this country live in a state of oppressed, disenfranchised, second class citizenry. The African community is given the poorest housing, the unhealthiest food, the worst healthcare, and no resources with no opportunities for economic development. These are the living conditions of the African community and we are left fighting amongst ourselves for what little resources are available.  Any community facing these conditions will experience high crime. Therefore, if we truly want to put an end to the violence in the African community, the only solution is political and economic power in the hands of African people. The only solution is economic development to improve the living conditions of the black community. This is the only way the violence in our community can be truly attacked at its root. Intensifying the existing policy of police containment will not resolve the problems in the African community, only our independence and self determination will do that.


We say “National guard OUT of the African community”


We, the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement, stand in firm opposition to this attack declared on the African community. We stand in firm opposition to the ongoing efforts of the state to disrupt the African community’s attempts at self determination. We demand that the national guard stay out of the African community.

We demand an immediate end to the military surveillance of the African community.

We demand an immediate end to the police terror waged on our community and reparations to the black community. We demand black community control of the police.


Join the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement today at Become part of the movement that, for nearly 30 years, has stood  in defense of the right of African people to be a free, independent and self determining people. Become part of the movement fighting for the liberated future of African people.


National guard out of St. Louis

Murderous pigs out of St. Louis

Black community control of the police

Black power to Black people



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