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By: jah-Sun Kine


Deepening Crisis is the Death of Imperialism


The African working class must know that all of the crisis going on in the world is the death of imperialism, the mass amounts of colonial violence in the world is the desperation of the state, and we will win the international war against white power by building the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement.

All throughout the colonized world resistance is the order of the day; from colonial powers like France and the united states to colonized lands like Haiti the masses are struggling to dethrone imperialism once and for all. French president Macron is pleading with the masses to end the uprising after deploying 89,000 police officers to put stop the resistance. At one time this resistance would have ended sooner but in the age of imperialist crisis this seemed to add fuel to fire burning France down. In a similar way the United States has deployed thousands of military personnel at the Tijuana-San Diego border in response to the growing number of colonized masses travelling from South and Central America to the bordertown. The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement rightfully presents itself as the solution to the crisis because organization in the hands of the African working class gives not only Africa but all colonized people a platform to rise above colonial occupation by destroying the core issue of parasitic capitalism.

Colonial Violence is the States Desperation


The murders of Nia Wilson, Kiera Bergman, and Aleah Jenkins in California is the desperation of the entire white nation attempting to seize control of a dilapidated failing global system of genocide. It is imperative to see these murders of these African women as genocide and a direct result of colonialism. Nia Wilson was killed in cold blood by a white man who just came out of prison at a BART Station in Emeryville, CA which is gentrified West Oakland. Her murder reveals the attempt of the entire white nation to demoralize and disrupt the growth of the African Nation. In the same way the murder of Kiera Bergman by an African man also reveals the crisis of imperialism by showing that horizontal violence is still a result of colonialism. When colonized people inflict violence upon each other it is a result of the lack of resources and mobility in a system built to destroy our brothers and sisters in an organized system of parasitic capitalism. This system parasitic capitalism is also revealed through the murder of 24 Aleah Jenkins by San Diego Police Department in what was “a routine stop” that resulted in Aleah being taken to the hospital with brain damage and days later pronounced dead. The limits of many activists and organizers is isolating each incident and going after different aspects of the system rather than understanding that the death of African women is a direct result of parasitic capitalism and white power.

InPDUM is the Solution


The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement was founded by and operates under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party the vanguard of the African working class revolution and is committed to bringing the African working class into political life wherever we exist. As Chairman Omali clarified at the APSP 7th Congress in October of this year at the St Louis Uhuru House, it is the African working class that is the Burning Spear that pierced parasitic capitalism and is responsible for fatally wounding this ruling class beast. The African working class is the single mother who is caught up in the system through economic oppression because she has no childcare. The African working class is the brother on the block waking up all early and going to sleep late carrying a pistol all day to protect his only source of income. The African working class is that African dad who goes to the plantation for 6 days a week and 12 hours a day to feed his family yet not see them but for moments throughout the week. The African working class is that sister in occupied Azania who sells corn on the roadside daily in an metal barrel. We are the ones whom are scattered about the earth with the same interest in tearing down this rotten system of corrosive occupation. The African working class must be armed with African Internationalism to deal the death blow to this international parasitic capitalist system.



InPDUM is planning a membership drive called MASF (Membership and Sustainable Funding) which will happen in St Louis. This is the primary way we will bring the masses into political and win unity for revolutionary organization. Chairman Omali Yeshitela’s report to the 7th Congress opened the gates to build a social movement bigger than anything we’ve seen since the Universal Negro Improvement Association organized by Marcus Garvey. The first step is to become a member of InPDUM and learn how to defeat colonialism with African Internationalism.


We will win!

Crush Imperialism!

Join InPDUM!

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