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The Riots at Lee County Correctional Institution: And the Rapid Effect it Had on Other prisons Throughout the State of South Carolina - InPDUM

Considered to be one of the deadliest mass casualty riots in the u.s. penal system in the past 25 years, the riots at the Lee County prison took place in different housing units on April 15th, 2018. Lee County prison is a state maximum level 3 facility, in which 21 inmates were injured and 7 killed. The state alleged that the riots started as the result of contraband cellphones. The director of S.C.D.C B Sterling was quick to address news media in SC and to begin the talk of the riots being caused by these cellphones. The smuggling of contraband however, is a everyday reoccurring situation, not special to Lee County.

Inmates at Lee County Prison have been reaching out to their family members and other outlets about the lack of adequate resources such as educational classes, train training, as well as recreation on a regular basis.

I am an inmate at Kershaw Correctional Institute, a state level 2 prison in Kershaw, SC, in which we have been on lock down since the riots at Lee County began.

We have learned through information provided by the loved ones of various inmates throughout the South Carolina State prison system that certain housing units at Lee County prison are now off of lock up , while most level 2 prisons within South Carolina remain on lock.

Here at Kershaw Correctional Institute inmates are having to walk out of their cells during meal times just to take a shower. The Lieutenant over my dorm hasn’t been consistent in making sure that all 128 inmates our my side receive showers every shower day. Recently, food tray slots have been installed on the cell doors, mainly t keep inmates from walking out of their cells and attempting to take a shower without permission.

Also note that the S. C.D.C. has been stagnating for years about dropping the 85% for violent offenders to 65%. The 85% bill has been stalling out in the state house in Columbia, SC for years. Also note that the department of S.C.D.C. is the only state I know where inmates who have to serve 85% of their sentence for violent offenses and have to do 2 years of supervised parole once released. In my opinion it is totally unjust.

Also note that the Dept of S.C.D.C. receives $30,000 per inmate and this money is not being spent to ensure that inmates have their basic dignity and human rights.

Director oF S.C.D.C. William B. Sterling goes on the news station in Columbia, SC and blames what happened at Lee County prison on illegal contraband and cellphones, surely S.C.D.C. has bigger issues within this system that needs tone addressed.

In the words of Malcolm X: “Power, in defense of freedom is greater that power on behalf of tyranny and oppression. Because power, real power comes from conviction which produces action. It also produces insurrection against oppression.”

This is the only way you will end oppression…with power! Uhuru! Free All Political Prisoners World Wide!

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