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A Farewell to #3DBG: InPDUM Hosts International Watch Parties to Salute and Sum up this Courageous Campaign. - InPDUM

On June 28, 2018, InPDUM & Party members as well as friends and supporters of the movement gathered in various places around the country to watch the 3DBG webinar entitled: “A Stone for Dominique”, to honor and commemorate the life of Dominique Battle, daughter of Kunde Mwamvita, who was murdered in March of 2016 along with two of her friends by the Pinellas County Pigs.

Not only was this the final Facebook webinar in a series of events designed to bring light to this tragedy, it also marked an end to the InPDUM led #3DBG campaign taken on and led by Akile Anai who is the current chairwoman of C.U.R.E. and Director of Agitation and Propaganda for the African People’s Socialist Party.

Akile, along with countless other volunteers and supporters, worked tirelessly to win justice and were instrumental in Kunde’s ultimate success in reaching a settlement in the death of our slain comrade.

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