Self-Determination Is The Highest Expression Of Democracy

Platform - InPDUM

1. Restoration of economic development for the black community through reparations

  • Throughout this country, studies reveal the huge wealth gap between black and white communities. The average white family possesses 22 times the wealth of the average black family, and according to studies conducted by Institute for Policy Studies and the Corporation for Economic Development, it would take 228 years for the average black family to achieve equal economic status to the average white family. The Northside of St. Louis is no exception, with its glaring divide between the wealth of the Southside area and the poverty in the black community. This is based on the history of the city government’s long-standing policies of developing white businesses through systematically destroying any semblance of economic development for the black community. This is why we need an agenda centered around restoring the economic life of the black community through reparations and economic development.

  • Ward 3 has a median income of only $7,619.00 while experiencing a devastating population loss 33% between 2000 and 2010. 

  • We want to establish a Ward 3 business incubator. (Property on Grande?)

  • We must redefine the role of the LRA. It must become an institution controlled by the residences of each Ward. For example the residents in Ward would control Ward 3 properties, residents in Ward 21 would Ward 21 properties. Each precinct would elect a LRA board member. 

LRA would seize abandoned property and develop it in  the interest of that particular ward.

  • The LRA development strategy would be funded by a combination of public and private capital 

2.  Keep 28 Wards

  • The effort to reduce the wards is intended to negate Black voting power and assure that the  Black community will not elect candidates who fight for the interest of the Northside.

  • I will fight to keep 28 Wards which increases our chances of electing candidates who will fight for Northside economic development and reparations to the Black community.

  • Keep 28 is a fight for Black power

3. I will fight for Black community control of schools in the Northside of St. Louis

  • We will establish book clubs and promote reading in every school in Ward 3. We will establish Reading clinics for every school in Ward 3 where reading is the only subject taught in the clinic.
  • We need the power to hire, fire and discipline the teachers and administrators in the Northside schools

  • We an African centered curriculum in the Northside schools that will teach our true history and elevate there self esteem and confidence

  • We want neighborhood schools that are funded to promote and guarantee the best achievement for Black Students

4. Black Community Control of the Police

In the face of rampant police violence against black communities throughout the United States and here in St. Louis, a practical and democratic solution is black community control of the police in the black community. The police should be controlled by a democratically elected black community council with the power to hire, fire, train and discipline officers who are part of and have a stake in uplifting the black community.

5. I will fight to end Horizontal (Black on Black) Violence

  • Unification of the neighborhoods through economic development and commerce by us, for us  

  • I will fight to end the violence by negotiating with the street organizations for a permanent peace

  • African Community Resolution Court

6. Two term limit for Alderperson

The system is currently stacked against new and progressive candidates who are always up against incumbents who stay in office for decades holding on to their policies that allow the gentrification and of the Black community

7. Workers’ Power for City Workers!

We believe in Workers Power. We will implement City Worker-controlled councils that oversee decision-making in Water Resources, Sanitation and other departments. All city workers will be paid a living wage. 

8. I will fight for efficient garbage pick up and clean allies. 

  • The city has a history of keeping the allies in deplorable shape. That has to end. 

  • I will fight for the city to create an alley clean up crew to be funded by redirecting funds from the Police budget

9. Automatic restoration of voting rights for people with felonies who have been released from incarceration

  • I will fight to repeal Missouri Statute 115.133.2 which prevents ex felons from voting if they are on probation or parole

  • One year of state sponsored job training for former prisoners where transportation and a stipend will be provided emphasizing skill trades