Call to the INPDUM 2015 Convention – Sept. 26-27, Chicago, IL

Convention location:
110th & Michigan Business BLDG
11006 S Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60628

The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) calls on the African community everywhere to come to our convention on September 26-27, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois. Under the Theme “Building a New World and Black Power,” We are organizing every African and ally we can to attend this convention.

The mission of InPDUM was sharply defined by InPDUM founder, and Chairman of the African people’s Socialist Party Omali Yeshitela at the 1996 InPDUM convention. This quote from the Chairman’s presentation at that convention sums up our Mission thusly; “The significance of National People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement has already proved itself in the world. It is significant because it is an organization built subsequent to the defeat of the Black revolution of the Sixties when the U,S government had determined that African working and poor people would never ever have another organization or another chance to win our total freedom from U.S. imperialism…. Throughout the country the National People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement has been responsible for raising the question of the counterinsurgency against the African community for our democratic rights. This is the fundmental question of our times: the question of the counterinsurgency, a war initiated against our community…That is what the National People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement is about:  turning things around, defeating the counterinsurgency, drawing the masses of poor and oppressed African people into political life.” iroot is a much intense Android establishing instrument with working at the most elevated progressive rate among most recent android root devices.

Though the above quote was from the  1996 InPDUM Convention it is all the more true today. Our organization has won many victories. One of the most significant was the “Black People’s Grand Jury” held in January 2015. That Black Grand jury examined much of the evidence used by the colonialist grand jury that exonerated the murderer of Mike Brown. However the Black Grand jury came to a decision based on the evidence and the historical colonial relationship white power has with African people. The Black Grand Jury decided that officer Darren Wilson Murdered Mike Brown. This decision was historic in the sense that it now placed the power to decide what justice really is in our own Black hands.  We were also victorious in the case of 18 year old, Eric Oliver. Oliver was arrested on June 12th 2012 in the rural town of Bronson, Florida. Oliver was arrested and given a $100,000 bond ransom after defending his family from a white mob who came to his house looking to attack Eric’s friend. Eric and his family won the defeated the mob and the white attackers called the police. After InPDUM intervened in the case with petitions, call-ins to the state attorney and the first “March for Justice” ever held in the city of Bronson, we learned on August 16, 2012 the state attorney had dropped all charges against Eric Oliver.

Masses Go into Political Motion

The police murder of Mike Brown propelled the African into motion in Ferguson Missouri and the subsequent rebellion changed the political landscape of the U.S. The question of police violence was now on the media front burner. Social media was on fire with pictures of the lifeless body of Brown that lay in the street for more than four hours. There has been atrocity after atrocity against the African community reported in the media in the last year, the police chokehold murder of Eric Garner in New York, the police murders of Tamir Rice and Vonderitt Myers and the brutal murder and cover up of the Sandra Bland in Waller County Texas. These attacks on our community have thrust African, students, young people, and in some cases the Black middle class into motion. The InPDUM convention will help us define how we as an organization can give this motion coherence with the demand for Black Community control of the police. Black Community Control of the police demand that gives the African community power to hire, fire, and discipline the cops in our community.

The mission of InPDUM is just what the Chairman described in 1996. We must bring the African masses into political life defeat the counterinsurgency. To this end building on the work of the Black People’s Grand Jury, an example of the fight for real power over our Black lives, forwarding the campaign to empower the African community through the Black community control of the police, and  carrying out the urgent work of branch building we call on all African people to attend the 2015 InPDUM Convention in Chicago.

Go to the website and get registered for the convention.


Chimurenga Waller


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